Project Rescue

Mamba Labs offers multiple project rescue models.

Sometimes even a well-planned project can face issues you were not anticipating. It could be technology or resource related, scope creep or inefficient project management. Whatever the reason, the effects on quality and budget can be serious. We can help rescue your project and get it back on track.

In the transition phase!

We can help rescue your project and get it back on track. We start with a quick analysis to determine what the project challenges are, then determine which corrective actions are needed.

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Root Cause

Analyze the root causes of the project shortcomings and develop recommendations.


Evaluate suitable architecture and technical solutions.


Re-estimate the project requirements and plans


Set up the project management and development processes to ensure you have full visibility

Why Choose Mamba Labs?

Mamba Labs operates in a fully transparent project management environment, allowing you visibility into the daily workload of each developer and all project details, including project progress, the specific work of each team member, project risk and control statuses.


A fully tested piece of software or module is delivered for review after a quick iteration (usually about two weeks’ work). The Agile development method enables you to confirm and prioritize requirements and clearly indicates progress.

Our Technology Stack

We Guarantee!!!


The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverable and notifies Mamba Labs within one week.


The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work.


If for any reason team member needs to be switched, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 20 working days, free of charge, for the leader and 10 working days for the engineers in Monthly Contract pricing model.

Unlock the potential from rescuing your project to us!

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We have answers to all your questions, however silly it may sound

What's special about your Rescue Project service?

Over 7 years of experience in designing from concepts to reality. Build your Project using Mamba Labs fully custom service, using our revolutionary rescue process. On top of a great development is even better customer support. The only IT company you will ever need.

How much do you charge ?

Pricing depends on number of factors from technology stack to design to functionality to timeline. Reach out to us to get the exact cost and time. Do not forget to ask for DISCOUNTS.

Can I get a free consultation ?

YES, you can. Fill out a form and your project manager will reach out within 24 hours.

What are your timings to talk to you?

Answer is 24/365. Our Customer Support is available 24/365. All you have to do is reach out to us and we will be there on the other end to help you.

Can I hire a Full Time Employee?

Yes, you can. Mamba Labs offers both Full Time and Project Wise Services. Please contact us for the same.

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